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If you work as a designer for a living, then you know how hard it is to be full of creative ideas every minute of everyday. To overcome this you need an arsenal of thought provoking, creative inspiration resources.

As powerful and almighty as Google search may be, you don’t always get the best results for high quality inspiration. I’ve personally spent countless hours rummaging through the abundance of content on the web finding websites that do exactly that.

Here are 4 design inspiration websites to help spark that creative flame:
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1. Niice –

If you mated Pinterest and Designsperation the offspring would be Niice. Niice is one of the newer resources on the web, however it’s simple, clean and a great tool for creating mood boards.


2. Designspiration –

Designspiration is a great resource for searching through high quality design content and inspiration. If you’re sick of sifting through the crap ‘design’ that comes up on Google image search, bookmark this website.


3. Awwwards –

Awwwards is a website that acknowledges excellence in web design. Websites are scored on Design, Creativity, Usability and Content by a panel of judges. The website also showcases high quality web design so it’s a great place for inspiration. If you’re not into web design there’s probably not a lot here for you.


4. The Design Inspiration –

The Design Inspiration is a well organised and categorised collection of brilliant design. The categories featured on the site include logo designs, website showcase, patterns download, business cards design, typography inspiration, illustration art and creative photo.

The Design Inspiration