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FreeMind Meditation App

FreeMind is a health and wellbeing organisation with a guided meditation app. While FreeMind launched their app in 2019, they required social media presence and advertising campaigns to boost sales and downloads of their app.
*All work was completed during my time at Skipper & Skipper agency in London. All artwork belongs to Skipper & Skipper and FreeMind.

Creative Direction

Creative direction of social media & advertising campaign.


Design & creation of advertising collateral.

Social Media Design

Design & creation of social media assets.

Artwork Development

Creation & development of digital & print artwork.

Social Media Design

Social media creative for FreeMind over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

FreeMind iiPhone 11 Instagram Mockup
FreeMind Instagram Layout Feed

Digital & Social Media Design Styles

A number of different styles were created to provide specific benefits and powerful triggers for emotional transformation. These pillars and styles are used to hero the brand’s specialist areas of concern, and also help position FreeMind’s key differentiator in the meditation app space.

Design Style Guides

To ensure brand constancy for the future, design style guides were created highlighting the different styles and pillars of the FreeMind social creative. These creative guides can be used across all social and advertising collateral ensuring a consistent message and strong ethos.

Advertising Space

To gain some market attention, a FreeMind brand awareness advertising campaign was designed. These adverts were focused in high traffic and CBC areas in cities where they would be noticed during work and peak hour commutes. The creative depicts how the use of the app can channel tranquility and solace. This style was chosen to highlight the emotional ailments that FreeMind meditations can help with.

App Store Branding

To help boost FreeMind downloads and purchases via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, all new assets and screenshots were designed. This artwork was designed to capture the essence and ethos of FreeMind meditations by showing situational use of the app.

Following a design style used in their social media and promotion, the screenshots use a background demonstrating to the user the transformative power of the app. The idea comes from how meditation can transport the mind to a different peaceful location – The app can be used wherever you are to achieve solace.